Install Web Tools for all users

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    Web Tools need to be installed for all users to ensure the integration between SuperOffice and MS Office Outlook and documents. Every user will receive an email about how to do this when starting up with SuperOffice, but as an administrator, it is important to make sure.


    A great way to keep track of relevant email communication with customers is to store it in SuperOffice. That way everyone can see if someone has been in touch with a particular customer lately, and what this communication was about.

    By installing Web Tools you will get your email and documents integrated with SuperOffice. You can save any incoming or outgoing email with one click.

    You can find all the email communication on the Activities section-tab on the customer card, provided it was archived to SuperOffice. The same goes for your documents. They can all be saved inside SuperOffice.

    Install Web Tools for all users


    If you have a Mac, or have a PC and not using Outlook, you need to set up your built-in email client after installing Web Tools. Web Tools for Mac will only work for document integration, not for email.

    How to install Web Tools

    Does your version of SuperOffice CRM look different from this video? That's because this video shows SuperOffice CRM in version 8. But don't worry - all the steps shown in this video are exactly the same in SuperOffice CRM version 9.

    1. When logged into SuperOffice, go to the Main menu in the top right corner.
    2. Click Download
    3. Click SuperOffice Web Tools
    4. If your browser asks you to block or allow pop-ups, you need to click "Always allow pop-ups from SuperOffice"
    5. The SuperOffice Web Tools Wizard will now appear. In this wizard, you must choose Personal Computer, then Outlook, and then click Download to download the installation file
    6. Click on the installation file and follow the wizard.
    7. Once you have downloaded the installation file, double-click on it to install it, and follow the guidance until you’re done.
    8. Then you need to restart both Outlook and your browser for the changes to take effect

    You can also see our FAQ for how to install Web Tools.