Configuring SuperOffice Sales

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    With this setup guide for SuperOffice Sales you will learn how to set up the Sales module to support your sales team in working more efficiently and reaching their sales targets.

    Streamline your sales process

    When you start using SuperOffice CRM, the system comes pre-configured with a basic setup for Sales.

    You can either use the standard setup, or you can customize it further to better fit your company’s needs.

    If you want to adjust the system to your processes, you need to determine whether you want to do it yourself or to use one of our experienced consultants.

    For those who decide to do it on their own, we advise you to start small. Do a few alterations and test them in your company. Then, as you develop your CRM practice, you can further change the configuration.

    In this section, we will teach you how to configure the basic parts of SuperOffice Sales.

    Structure your sales routine 

    Set up Quote Management

    Set up your sales process from start to finish inside SuperOffice, including the Quotation itself. You can build, optimize and send your quotations directly from SuperOffice. Your sales team will save time writing the quote and they'll never forget to follow up on it.

    We will show you how you can configure new sales types and products, add price lists, and import product information.

    Please consult your customer contact at SuperOffice when needed. Our consultants will be able to help you set up any sales or project guide you need.

    How to set up Quote Management

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