How to set up your sales guide

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    We can help you and your colleague’s to get full control over all sales processes by helping you structure your sales routine. Implement your processes to ensure that everyone follows the same best practices and step-by-step activities to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

    Learn how to set up your own sales guideCreate a sales guide

    Create your own sales guide. Go to Workflow, click on the Sales guide tab and click Add or Delete to customize the Sales guide 


    The sales guide comes with 5 standard sales stages that apply to every general sales process. It can be used straight out of the box.

    When you set up your own sales guide you can determine the stages as well as the activities and documents per stage. 
    The best way to define your own sales guide, is first to discuss and agree on your best practice sales steps.  You can set up multiple sales guides if you have several sales processes. For example one for prospective customers, one for existing customer or one for large advanced project sales that that can last over 2 years with many stages and activities.