How to get started with SuperOffice Chat

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    Chat can be used on any page in your website. How and where you wish to use SuperOffice Chat determines how many chat channels you should have, how the chat widget looks, and on what pages of your website you have to add the chat widget.

    In order to start using Chat, first you have to configure the chat widget and then add it to your website. This article will walk you through both steps.

    Step 1: Configuring the chat widget

    This step shows you how to create a new chat channel or edit an existing chat channel, how to define the way the chat channel looks and how to use pre and post chat forms in connection with live chat.

    1. Log into SuperOffice and go to Settings & Maintenance in the Settings Menu. Click on Chat in the navigation menu on the left-hand side.
    2. Click the Add button in the bottom left corner. If you just want to edit an existing channel, click Edit in the bottom right corner.
    3. You are now in the Add Chat Channel dialog. Fields that are marked red are mandatory. Tabs with exclamation mark the icon contain mandatory fields.
    4. Add the name of your Chat channel. Decide what Language you want to use.
    5. Next, add a text message for the visitors to your website inviting them to chat with you. This text is shown on your website while the Chat widget is closed. You add this text under Badge Header. Don’t forget to add a Description for your channel. In the bottom, you can decide how much time must pass before a warning is sent to the chat agent and the chat manager. Your changes are automatically saved when you go to another tab.
    6. Click on Agents. Click on the arrow to reveal the drop-down list and choose the team member you wish to add. Then click Add. Make sure to set the correct rights each agent should have. To learn more about agent rights, see the Help section.
    7. To configure the way your chat widget looks click the Chat widget layout button. Here you choose your Theme, Color, Font, whether you want to use a Logo or not, and if the Agent's photo should be shown. Next, add your Header text and your Message to your customers. The Preview image will show you what the chat widget will look like, so you can see the changes of the widget as you go.
    8. Next, you need to decide what it will say when none of your agents are available online to chat, the Off-line form. Add your Header text and add a Message.
    9. If you want to give visitors the option to send you a request, then Enable request submission. Choose the category and priority the request should have. Check the boxes of the customer information you want to register.
    10. Click on the Pre-chat form. The pre-chat form lets you ask some initial information from the customer before starting a chat session. Check Enable pre-chat FAQ suggestions if you wish to offer ready FAQ suggestions. Add your pre-chat form message and check the boxes of the information you want your visitors to register before they can initiate a chat.
    11. Finally, you can add a post-chat form. Check Enable post-chat form. Add your Header and the Message. If you want to give people the option to send a transcript of the conversation to an email address, check Enable transcript.
    12. Once you are happy with all the changes you have made, simply click Save.

    Step 2: Add Chat to your website

    Now that you have configured the chat widget, this step will show you how to add it to your website.


    1. Log into SuperOffice and open the administrator client by clicking on Settings & Maintenance in the settings menu.
    2. Click on the Chat icon in the navigation menu on the left hand side. 
    3. Choose the Chat channel you wish to add to your website. You will see the summary details of the channel including; the language, the number of chat sessions in the last 30 days, and how many agents are assigned to this channel. This is also where you can View the JavaScript which is what you need to add to your website for the chat widget to appear.
    4. Click View to see the javascript.
    5. Now copy the Chat widget javascript.
    6. Log into the editor page of your website.
    7. Go to the section where you can edit or add HTML code.
    8. Paste the javascript for your chat widget into the code of your webpage. Next click save, upgrade or publish depending on what webpage you use.
    9. Now open your web page or refresh your website if you already have it open.

    The Chat widget is now available and live. Visitors to your website will now be able to start chatting with you.

    Note that it's important that if you enable this feature, your organization must be ready to handle all incoming chat conversations.>

    Need help configuring and adding the Chat widget?

    We and our partners offer a range of services, including helping you define your chat channels, configuration services, training and Go-live assistance.

    If you want to learn more about these services, please contact us or your SuperOffice partner who will be happy to assist.