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    "I haven’t heard from you. Didn’t you get my email?" "Can’t you see I called the other day?" These are a few of the typical customer reactions where your service agents realize that the incoming inquiries probably didn’t get registered. In these incidents your service agents need to put more effort into turning the bad customer experience around.

    But do they have the capacity to do that in an already hectic schedule? Would your annoyed customers already be considering other vendors?

    Incoming inquiries by email, web form or phone

    You can set up Service to pick up all emails that are sent to your company email addresses, such as, and turn them into requests with unique tracking numbers.

    This also applies to web forms. You can have emails from web forms sent directly to SuperOffice Service. The emails are stored and categorized.

    Requests can also be manually be registered, like for instance for incoming phone inquiries. If the contact already exists in your database, the contact card will automatically be updated.

    Here you can access all the settings in Service

    Settings in Service

    Settings in Service


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