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    Searching for information in your CRM database is something you do every day. Whether you’re looking for a phone number or a list of all of your open sales, the Find feature will help you locate the information faster.

    Below is a set of how-to pages that will show you the different ways to find information in your SuperOffice CRM database, how you can save your searches as a selection, and the main tasks you can perform using your search or selections. 

    With SuperOffice Find you can search for a single piece of data, such as a phone number, or a list of data, like a list of mailing recipients, for example.

    In SuperOffice CRM you can search for:

    • companies,
    • contacts,
    • selections,
    • follow-ups,
    • sales,
    • projects,
    • documents,
    • products, and

    When you use the Find feature, you can save each search you perform as a selection.

    How to search for information

    How to use a typical search 

    How to create a new selection 

    How to broaden your search using the OR function

    Visualizing selections with graphs and dashboards