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    16. jan 2020
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    The short explanation of many SuperOffice CRM Online terms.


    Repository for SuperOffice developers, both internal and partners, to come and share ideas, tools and code related to SuperOffice.

    CRM Online development forum

    The forum contains discussions related to issues with SuperOffice CRM Online and our Online APIs and SDK. If you are developing a custom application or one for the App Store, this is the forum to follow!

    SuperOffice App Store

    Explore standard applications, modules, and integrations that expand your SuperOffice CRM Online solution. Improve productivity, work more collaboratively and discover new ways to get even more out of the tools that you're already using today.

    Learn the essentials

    Getting started with your SuperOffice CRM solution is easy when you know the basics. You'll find guides for each user plan for the core CRM functionality. You'll also find a guide for administrators who are setting up and configuring the solution.