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SuperOffice v.8.5 R05 and .NET Framework 4.8

We are bumping our .net framework dependency to .net framework 4.8. Understand that this is not a .NET Runtime change (.net 2.0 - .net 4.0 - .net core), it's only a .net framework change.

Our move to .net framework 4.8 is triggered by problem we experienced between .net framework 4.7.1 and compatibility with System.net.http libraries in .net core/standard. Some of our dependencies ended up dragging in .net standard components that would not play nicely with .net framework 4.7.1, but work well with .net framework 4.8.

Upgrading to 4.7.2 was supposed to fix this issue, but apparently it's still kicking, albeit in a different form.

There are no known breaking changes in NetServer API's. Applications programmed to work with the previous version or NetServer are still compatible with the next release. Onsite partner products can do one of the following:

  1. Update the .net assemblybindings on any dependent web/app.config files. .net configuration example.
  2. Recompile there application with the latest release, via nuget packages. 
    1. For parners will applications in Azure (that currently only supports .NET Framework 4.7.1) we will be including both .net 4.7.1 and 4.8 framework libraries in the next nuget package.
      Packaged 4.7.1 assemblies will depend on shims that bridge compatibility. API consumers will not need to be "know" about these unless they too are depend on .net types that have issues with .net standard.


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