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SuperOffice.WebApi Released


Just a quick message to let you all know that we have released and published SuperOffice.WebApi! The version scheme aligns with the main SuperOffice product line to help better associate features and capabilities.

More about package versioning changes in an upcoming article or blog post...TBD.

The SuperOffice.WebApi samples on github have been updated as well. We have fixed a few issues during the preview period, and I would like to thank those people who contributed to testing and providing feedback on the samples issues page.

  • David Hollegien
  • Gunnar Stensby
  • RhodriBlackwellIB
  • Jonas Degn

There is still more to do! We will continue to communicate and collaborate with you on the repo issues page, so keep up the great engagement and feedback! 

Best regards!

RE: SuperOffice.WebApi Released

Great news! We have been using this library in new projects as a replacement for the whole 'SuperOffice.NetServer.Services' package, working fanatastically and a lot less dependencies since you aren't including the whole NetServer SDK.

Av: David Hollegien 24. sep 2021