Upcoming webhook event changes!

With the introduction of soft-deletes, the contact and person deleted webhooks were "broken". This has now been rectified and work as expected in the latest SOD builds. These events will fire when the entitiy has been permanently removed from SuperOffice. 

  • contact.deleted
  • person.deleted

Because API consumers may still want to be notified and manage softdeletes, the following two new webhooks have been introduced:

  • contact.softdeleted
  • person.softdeleted

Also, there are four new Quote webhook events that are available in the latest SOD builds as well:

  • quote.sent
  • quote.ordered
  • quote.rejected
  • quote.approved


Feedback is welcome.

Best regards!

RE: Upcoming webhook event changes!

Quote ordered is a very welcome addition. Great news!

Av: Espen Steen 11. nov 2020

RE: Upcoming webhook event changes!

Thanks, "softdeleted" is usefull as well 👍

Av: Frode Lillerud 11. nov 2020

RE: Upcoming webhook event changes!

Thanks Tony!

This is great news, both deleted and softdelete is valuable and opens up for some smoother handling logical processes notifying other systems. 

Will this come to the Onprem in upcomming 9.2 R3 or later?

Will an update of a person also trigger an update webhook on contact/companylevel. (I am about 95% sure this is the case right now in at least 8.5 R10. In some cases it is good but in some other it can be unnecessary I think)


Av: Anders Larsson 12. nov 2020

RE: Upcoming webhook event changes!

Awsome (y)

Av: Patrik Lindholm 13. nov 2020

RE: Upcoming webhook event changes!

Hi Anders,

Yes, this should be included in the next onsite release. 

And unfortunately yes, the contact changed webhook does get triggered as a side effect [I believe] to how persons (business/category) are links to a contact.

And for others reading this thread, although the contact.changed webhook is triggered, is still get's sent our with a payload where the Event is person.changed. So if these hooks are going to the same URL, is looks like duplicate events. If they were going to different URLs, i.e. /handler/contacthooks and /handler/personhooks, that would give the handler an opportunity to process webhooks with the correct/appropriate Event prefix. I know this is hacky, but yeah... 

Fixing this duplicate hook event needs further investigation.

Best regards.

Av: Tony Yates 13. nov 2020

RE: Upcoming webhook event changes!

Thanks Tony,

Great, that is included in the next onsite release!

ok, thanks for info about the contact.changed including payload where the event i person.changed

Should then be possible to write some logic to determine if a contactc.change is a true contact.changed or side affect of creating/updating a contact person connected to contact card.

As I ment there can be situations where this is a good rhing. 

Example: If just listening for contact-webhooks it is nice to get notified if a contact person on a certain contact card has been added /updated. eg if synking contact persons to another system.

I know that if adding a contact person is addedd the updated-date in the contact-table is changed, likewise if restoring a contact person from the trashbin.

I guess there is no update for webhooks on Service Extra Tables? 
That is someting I want. Eg for tables connected/Linked/related to contact person, as it is now editing/adding such record does not fire person.changed webhook. Would maybe be nice if person.changed got fired with some paylod on wha extra table was changed?


Av: Anders Larsson 13. nov 2020

RE: Upcoming webhook event changes!

Webhooks for extra tables is a highty requested feature improvement and is in the backlog. :-) 

Av: Tony Yates 13. nov 2020