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Intercept and change customer from address


One of our customers is using the functionality to manually let their support personel "accept" a new customer in Service:


The problem is that they have a contact form on their web page that they want to import information from. The form sends an email which then gets imported into superoffice, but the from-adress needs to be set to a value in the form (an email-field). As it is, it currently uses the email address that is set as the form-sender address (contact@host.com).

What field can I change with a trigger so that the above functionality lets the service agent create a new user based on the value I set in the trigger?



Johan Spånberg

RE: Intercept and change customer from address


It should be possible to change ticket.from_address field to contain value from the form. Should be possible to perform such substitution in a email filter script or similar.

Av: Michel Krohn-Dale 31. mar 2020