SuperOffice Shadow Copying Assemblies using excess amounts of disk space

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I hope everyone is well in these testing times.  I have raised a request with SuperOffice support, and they suggested that I raise the issue on Community to see if anyone has seen the following issue before, and knows of a solution.

From reading up on the issue, it appears that SuperOffice uses a .net feature called Shadow Copying Assemblies (I am definitely not an expert in this area), and it caches all the SuperOffice dll’s into sub folders of the %localappdata%\assembly\dl3\ folder.  On my machine I have one copy of each SuperOffice dll, with the entire folder size being 25mb.

I have also checked on our Citrix environment, and the average folder size is about 125mb, and for some reason has 2 copies of most of the dlls.  But still not a problem.

However, on the Citrix environment on one of our customers, each user has a number of copies of each of the SuperOffice dll’s, with new copies of the dll’s being cached every few days (leaving the old copies in place).

Each users dl3 folder is around 11gb in size, and is fast filling up the server.

The customer is using “Citrix Virtual Delivey Agent 7.12” and “Xenapp”, then server is on VMWare 6.5 (running the latest service pack), and the server image is running Server Standard 2016, and Windows updates are kept up to date.

Has anyone seen this before, and know of a way to stop this from happening.

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RE: SuperOffice Shadow Copying Assemblies using excess amounts of disk space


Their used to be a FAQ published about this, suggesting to create a login or logout script to clear the folder:

What you are seeing here is the effect of how Microsoft Office customizations/addons get handled by Office after installation. Microsoft has decided that Office customizations should never get run from their actual installed location, but from an isolated copy of that installation. This copy gets placed to C:\AppData\Local and is referred to as the “shadow copy”.

According to documentation it is 100% safe to remove this folder either at login time or logout time. So if the customer is willing to create a login-script or a logout-script to clean these files (%User%\AppData\Local\Assembly\DL3) that really shouldn’t have any adverse effects.

Av: David Hollegien 21. maj 2020

RE: SuperOffice Shadow Copying Assemblies using excess amounts of disk space

Hi David,

Thanks for this, I think creating a delete script on logout would definately be the solution, if I cannot work out why multiple copies of the files are being created on the server.

Thanks for your help.


Av: Trevor Sharp 21. maj 2020