Custom ArchiveProvider

Hi there,

I have created a custom ArchiveProvider (which is basically a list of Sales)

I have added a column for the Sale Amount and have defined the ColumnType to be Constants.DisplayTypes.Decimal

When loading the values into this column they all display as 0.00

I adjusted the Column Type to be Constants.DisplayTypes.Int and they now display and sort correctly after formatting the double amounts to be .ToString("0.00") when adding the values into the rows.

Is there a bug with the ColumnType of Decimal?


Another problem is with the ColumnTypes of Date & DateTime. When the colum header is clicked these aresorting alphabeticallly rather than chronologically. Have I missed something here?


PS using 8.4 dlls


Cheers James

RE: Custom ArchiveProvider

Worked it out myself - i had to use the final override and set the raw value as well as the Display value


This fixed both problems :)


Av: James Carter 1. sep 2020