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No service class found for IContactAgent in mode Local


Got this error today when trying to create a contact using SO API. In full it says;

Even after rescan: No service class found for IContactAgent in mode Local, are you missing an assembly reference or a <DynamicLoad> clause in .config?


The wierd thing is, i use the exact same app.config + DLL:s in an other project and it works fine, but when doing this in the project were it's suppose to be, it wont work. I even had the same problem in the other project that now works fine, but no idea how i solved it...

I've also tried using both the nuget and installation DLLs but no progress.

Anyway, the code snippet were it crashes is when creating a defualt contact entity, i.e. 

using (SoSession session = SoSession.Authenticate("xx", "xxxxxx"))
ContactAgent ca = new ContactAgent();

//create new contact
ContactEntity ce = ca.CreateDefaultContactEntity();


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