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Potential Sentry Bug 8.5 R13


We recently upgraded a client to SuperOffice 8.5 R13 and since then one of their applications has started to throw errors.

I have identified where the issue lies, but cannot understand it's behaviour.

The error occurs when accessing the PersonId of a SelectionMemberRow for the first time:

The Exception seems to be related to the Sentry, below is the Exception Message and stack trace:

Where I am struggling, is that once the error has occured when accessing the PersonId the first time, the error goes away and the PersonId is then accessable:

Currently my work around is to access the PersonId in a try/catch, ignoring the exception, and then allow the code to run as normal; This seems to be working but is not ideal.

Please could you advise if this is a bug or if I can change anything in my code to resolve this problem?





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