appointment lost after SaveAppointmentEntity


In crm scripts Trigger "after Saving Appointmet" to SO Online I have transfered data of new created or existing appointment to SAP then set some UDF then save it with SaveAppointmentEntity Method like:


...    // transfer Data to SAP via JSONBuilder to HTTP Parameters h.setOption("parameters", json);

Map appoUDF = myNSAppointmentEntity.GetUserDefinedFields();

appoUDF.insert("SuperOffice:18", ed.getInputValue("AppointmentEntity.UserDefinedFields.SuperOffice:18").substitute(".", ",")); // set english float in German Format
myNSAppointmentAgent.SaveAppointmentEntity(myNSAppointmentEntity); // save all changes in Appointment


It should work after my many Tests. But now our User said the Transfer to SAP was sucessful but the Appointment was lost in SO Online. This Problem doesnot happens always and I cannot reproduce this Problem again.

Now I have changed my code with here:

myNSAppointmentEntity = myNSAppointmentAgent.SaveAppointmentEntity(myNSAppointmentEntity);

And see whether this Problem comes up again. Manybe someone knows about this issues?



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