Customize content of webhook payload

Hi all,

I am wondering if it is possible to get additional (or more specific) information returned in the payload of a webhook. We have a need of knowing what specific contact_id was added to a person_id, but the webhook will only inform us via the changes array that a change has taken place involving contact_id.

Is it possible to get the actual contact_id in question?

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RE: Customize content of webhook payload

Hello Henrik,

Since you posted this in the 'CRM Online Development' forum I assume you are using Online.

In Online it isn't possible to change the content of the webhook, when on OnSite you can do this by creating a custom webhook plugin.

A varly new option is to use CRMScript to handle the webhook, see documentation here 

When a webhook is send to an CRMScript it does contain the values that have changed. Maybe you could do your processing in an CRMScript? Or trigger your external system using the CRMScript?


Av: David Hollegien 6. nov 2020

RE: Customize content of webhook payload

Hi David,

Thank you for your insightful reply! Sounds like there is basis for some experimentation with the method you have suggested.

I very much appreciate your input!


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Av: Henrik Povlsen 6. nov 2020