Export file to FTP Server in crmscript?


we want to transfer new created / updated Debitor ( Category = Customer) to SAP via File-Exchange. Is possible in crm script per Trigger to save file to FTP Server? I see in Document https://community.superoffice.com/documentation/SDK/SO.Customer.Service.Support/html/CRMScript-apireference-Classes-File-File.htm, where will be file default saved?


RE: Export file to FTP Server in crmscript?

File opterations are only available onpremise. From online you could create a webhook that is called everytime a contact ist created or midified. 

From your "partner application" you can read the whole superoffice entity and cread a DEBMAS IDOC and send it to SAP.


Av: Georg Diczig 13. dec 2020

RE: Export file to FTP Server in crmscript?

Hi Georg,


yes, there is no direct way to upload file for in crm Script. Through Partner Apps there is possible. Thanks!.

Av: Jianchun You 14. dec 2020