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Get Quote lines via REST API


I'm trying to get quote lines informations via REST API.

The following call works as expected, but only one quote line productCategoryKey (for example) is included in the result, although there are multiple quote lines associated to the quoteAlternativeId.

/api/v1/Sale?$filter=saleID eq <saleid>&$select=saleId,quote/quoteId,quote/version/quoteVersionId,quote/version/alternative/quoteAlternativeId,quote/version/alternative/quoteline/productCategoryKey

How can I retrieve information of all quote lines?

Thank you.



RE: Get Quote lines via REST API

HI Larisa,

Our application currently uses our SOAP API to accompish this. We don't yet have a great solution for getting quotelines via the REST API. Please see my other forum post where I specify the process. 

Luckily there is a way...instead of going through the sale endpoint, you can accomplish what you want via the Quote Agent RESTful API. The process is as I specified in the referenced forum post, but must be adapted to use the request body to POST the parameters.

Hope this helps!

Av: Tony Yates 8. jun 2020

RE: Get Quote lines via REST API

Hi Tony,

Thank you, I had hoped there is another more straightforward method to achieve this that I am missing.

Have a great day! 

Av: Larisa Petrus 9. jun 2020