Show message box outside the current context to the user


Is there a global method or something to show a message box with information to the user, outside of the current context the user resides in? Like the "exitWithMessage()"-method, but without stopping the user and so on. 

That is for example after the user has saved a document, can the user then get a message box informing of something?

The only way I can see this happening now is by blocking execution and show the message inside the current context the user resides in, for example inside the document window.

From my understanding, if the execution is not blocked the user will not see the message before next time the document window is opened, which is far from optimal (this also happens when using the before trigger).

Additionally the message window is clashed to the side of the window, not looking perfectly formatted nor positioned (see picture below) like when used in the context of for example saving a sale or a project.

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