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Automatically link a form to a contact via a hidden field

Hi All,

I am not sure if Marketing queries belong under the SuperOffice section or the Service section, but I am hoping someone will be able to assist me.

I would like to be able to send out links to a form via a customer service ticket or via a Marketing mailing.  In a very similar way to SuperOffice supports new "how did you rate our support" form.  I would like to be able send an encryted string in the URL that sets fields like ticket number, email address, etc., so that when we process a form (or automatically have it processed), it links the form to the correct contact.

Fields such as email should be hidden from the end user, and it should not be easily readable in the URL.  It would seem to be possible, as SuperOffice support are using this, but I cannot see any documentation on this, apart from adding the field values in plain text in the URL.  Also, whilst I can see how to add hidden fields, I cannot see how to hide fields such as the email address etc.

Many thanks,


Hi Trevor,


I think our internal solution for Feedbacks may help you. 

We created a reply template (but it can be a mailing) with URL in it. URL is made by a
    1. form ID
    2. hidden field for ticket id
    3. ticket.feedback_url is a variable that makes URL unique for every recipient.
Example ->  <...>/customer.fcgi?action=formFrame&formId=F-9KnwygTj&

Script part for ticket.feedback_url

// Load replytemplate
ReplyTemplate rt;
Ticket ticket;
Customer cust;

// Build link to Request Feedback form
String url = "custSessionKey=" + GetCustSessionKey();

Parser p;
// Attaching url to a variable that is used in ReplyTempalte.
p.setVariable("ticket.feedback_url", url);


GetCustSessionKey() needs to be created with a scipt you need to create a new data entry in table LOGIN_CUSTOMER

a tip how to create it is another blog post ->

Then you create a unique session Key and add it to your URL it needs to be combined together with custID. Final URL in our solution looks like this:  

Field for e-mail address will be filed automatically you open this URL. So customer do not need to add it. 

Av: Donatas Sasnauskas 18. feb 2020

Hi Donatas,

That looks brilliant, we will take a look at that.  Thank you for your help on this.


Av: Trevor Sharp 18. feb 2020