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Enhancements to the scripting engine

Hi All,

We have discussed with customers the possibility of moving from SuperOffice Windows to SuperOffice web.  But limitations in the scripting language are preventing this.  There are a couple of enhancements that would be really good to see to aid in moving people over from SuperOffice Windows to SuperOffice web.  These enhancements I have discussed with Sverre at the last two Expander Worlds and he has said that they are enhancements you would be looking to do.

I have been asked to detail these enhancements here to see if any progress has been made on these, or whether you have some rough timescales as to when these will be looked at.

  • As well as a message box, we could do with a question box, and an input box. I.e. “Do you want to add travel time?” and if the user clicks yes, “Enter the duration of the travel time”. This is a basic script we have on most of our sites on the Windows client, which adds travel time to certain activity types.

  • Custom Dialog box. Allow a dialog box to be fired where you can pass through a width and a height and display a page from a web application. If this is not possible, even the option to be able to open a url using Javascript in a popup window would be a help.

  • Finally be able to load an entity with defaults and allow the user to enter the rest of the settings. I.e. on an appointment save even ask the user if they want to create a follow-up appointment. If they confirm yes, load a new appointment window, with a number of values pre-populated.

Many thanks,



RE: Enhancements to the scripting engine

Great feedback, Trevor! Thanks!

Av: Tony Yates 20. feb 2019

RE: Enhancements to the scripting engine

Since no voting is possible at this point, I would like to add my consent with a +1.

We also meet these wishes again and again.


Av: Georg Diczig 20. feb 2019

RE: Enhancements to the scripting engine

Cheers guys, would be great additions to the scripting layer in web.


Av: Trevor Sharp 20. feb 2019

RE: Enhancements to the scripting engine

This is becoming imperative functionality when trying to migrate existing users to cloud away from desktop client, another vote for me please.


Av: Tony Poole 20. feb 2019