Northern Ireland Country Code XI


Does SuperOffice have plans to include the new / partly new Country Code for Northern Ireland, introduced due to Brexit.

see here for example

I have case where we import companies where country code XI for Northern Ireland now is sent, and that causes some issuse for us. I have tested to add "own defined Country" Northern Ireland country in SO-Admin. It seem to work.
But if you have plans to deploy a built in county record for Northern Ireland I think we can manange until then in this case.

I had to copy flag-files, and add some values manually in SQL like flagres_id, and abbrev2 (we use this to map county codes) 

set abbrev2='XI', flagres_id=2012, dialOutPrefix='00',defaultLcid=1106
where country_id= 896

Issuses with flag in SO 9.2 since there seem to be generated classes for each "round" county-flag.
Own defined countries get blank flag. ( in SO 8.5 the flags for county-list and company card flag as images (small/LagFlag folder in SO-web folder structure, eg possible to create new image for a own definend country)



RE: Northern Ireland Country Code XI


We have not discussed or considered this topic.
In general, we are conservative on the list of countries we ship with SuperOffice in general and flags specifically. (We got burned once with a Catalan flag :-) )

The official flag of Northern Ireland is the UK flag.

Adding Northern Ireland as a custom country to SuperOffice, should be possible from the admin client.
If there are problems, please report this as a bug.

If you think that Northern Ireland should be added as a standard country, please report a wish and argue you case here.

Av: Erik Eide 16. mar 2021

RE: Northern Ireland Country Code XI

Hi Erik!

Thanks for the comments on this.

Yes, the official flag for Northern Ireland is the uk-flag.

And maybe it is not right to ad the Northern Ireland as built in company, but instead as special region/province with purpouse to solve TAX rules, because of Brexit. (there is also some other special codes used for Great Britain )

GB - United Kingdom  - Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man

XI - United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) - Code to be used if United Kingdom (in respect of Northern Ireland) needs to be distinguished according to the conditions laid down in the relevant Union provisions.

XU - United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) - Code to be used if United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) needs to be distinguished according to the conditions laid down in the relevant Union provisions

I guess there could be cases for customers using the Quote management system in SuperOffice.
Problem is that I have not found any ISO code, for XI, XU 


It is no problem for me to add an own country, this works great for SuperOffice 8.5 where the flags are located in the flag-folders of SuperOffice Sales. But for SuperOffice 9.2 you have changed this so that the "round" flag image are drawn from some image-file containg all flags and then it is somehow bundled precompiled in the CSS-stylesheet(s). SCIL.css if I rememer correct, may bee in several css-files. possibly doable to extend but not practical. 

For own Countries there is no flag(just white space) on companycard(s) with own defined countries. Flag stil in the country list, though.

But you have to created small and big flag-images in the soweb (sales folder). named as number.png, (number = the id that the owndefined country got in the country-table)

I have also notifed SuperOffice Support , and they will discuss if this should be wish or not...


Av: Anders Larsson 16. mar 2021

RE: Northern Ireland Country Code XI


Got answer from SuperOffice Support:

a wish is registered here, but not sure if it will be implemented or not

Av: Anders Larsson 17. mar 2021