Problem with Quote Product web panels


We have a customer who is looking to use the quoting tool in SuperOffice.  One requirement is to see the stock levels in their accounts package when adding\editing product lines.  We thought about adding a web panel to show this info.

To test this will work, I have a small web page that just shows the parameter value passed through to it.  So using the following address http://localhost/DisplayParameter/default.aspx?ParamValue=Product Code - <qlpc>, when adding\editing product lines, the web page should simply show the product code.

When adding a new product, all is good (apart from the web panel label being cropped both at the top and left side of the label).

However when you edit an existing line, the template variables used in the web panel are not passed through from SuperOffice.

It appears that the template variables are only passed through after selecting a new product in the search box at the top of the form.  This of course causes an issue, as we cannot develop a web panel that can be utilised on existing product lines, as there is no way of seeing which product code is being used on this line, to perform any lookups to third party systems.

I have tested this in SuperOffice 8.4 R08.  Is there a way around this issue, or is this a bug.

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RE: Problem with Quote Product web panels

Hi Trevor,

I was able to reproduce your issue and this does seem like a bug. An report has been created for it: BUG 64201.



Av: Tony Yates 29. apr 2019

RE: Problem with Quote Product web panels

Thank you Tony.


Av: Trevor Sharp 29. apr 2019

RE: Problem with Quote Product web panels

Just an update, I received word that this bug has been worked on and the fix will be observed in v8.5 R03.

Av: Tony Yates 5. jun 2019