Adding UpdatedCount field using SuperOffice Dictionary


In the continuous database, if you use the AddRegisteredUpdated method, it adds the usual registered update fields, plus UpdatedCount.

We would ideally like to use this going forward, rather than add the registered and updated fields manually. However as we will of course still have customers on SuperOffice 8.0, and we will want to use the same Netserver code for both versions.  Hence if we have Netserver code for the UpdatedCount field, we need to have the UpdatedCount field in the old SuperOffice 8.0 tables, using SuperOffice Dictionary, but there appears to be no CreateSpecialField for this field.  I could add it manually, but then what settings should I give it, i.e. what NetserverName do I give it, do I add an index, what do I do with regards to the code for adding it to the importer, as I assume this is not required for this field.

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