'Failed to create Identity from tokens'

Hi there,


We have a intranet solutions that can be run speperated with SuperOffice 7 SR1. It is running on Classic ASP pages in IIS6/W2003 (another server as the actuall SO database server).

With the code below i am trying to let users login with there username and password (most of them use AD login) to verify these credentials against SO.

Set objSOdb = Server.Createobject("SuperofficeDB.Database")

objSO.Login(username, password)

This function always returns false. When i put in valid credentials (hard coded) it gives Authentication failed. 'Failed to create Identity from tokens'.

This loginscript has worked untill we moved the installation to SQL Server 2012. The ODBC connection on the server that is running this scripts trough IIS is using the old SQL Native Client driver because the new drivers isnot compatible with Server 2003. But when we run the windows application SO it logges in just fine with the same credentials.

What could this possibly be?


Regards CUMELA

RE: 'Failed to create Identity from tokens'

Just want to input that for me, this was an issue by the security settings in the Internet Explorer.

Adding the site to "Trusted sites" worked for me (or using Chrome).

Not sure if this was the case for Henk.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 1. maj 2018

RE: 'Failed to create Identity from tokens'

In the superoffice.Config file you could enable logging to file and turn on auditing and error and warning. This should give you more information to help you figure out what is going on.

Av: Christian Mogensen 1. maj 2018