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Auto postback in Customer service and reading the recipients of the v2 recipient control on postback

Hi All,

I have edited the screen design of the ticket CS, so that I can show just the products (custom table linked to ticket) for the select company.

I have Refresh Products button with no code on it, it just does a post back to refresh the products based on the selected first contact.

So the first question is, is there still no way to force a post back update the contact has been added\updated, to get rid of the need for the post back button.

The final question is there a way of getting the first contact in the recipient control after a post back.  From my tests the only field I can bring back from this control on a post back is "recipientCount".  All other fields, such as "contacts", show as Not Implemented.  It is only when the ticket is saved that this field returns the value required, but this is too late to achieve what I am looking to do.

Many thanks,


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