Crunched table because of webpanels loading


in the View Ticket screen we've put up a Webpanel which displays a simple screen that contains a static table.

When navigating to that webpanel the table might or might not be displayed "crunched". 

Here is an example of it being crunched:

And here it is properly displayed:


As far as I've been able to deduce it is a matter of timing. If we quickly go to the webpanel, then it'll be properly displayed. If we wait a few seconds before clicking on the webpanel, it'll be crunched.

When it is crunched, if I open up Chrome Developer Tools, and call this manually, it'll rearrange the columns properly:


I think the problem is somehow related to the webpanel being populated in the background, while the webpanel is still not visible to the user, and that the resizeColumn call isn't called then.

Here you can see that the URL's to the three webpanels I have are called before I click on any of them:

Is there any way to tell the webpanel not to load its content until we click on that webpanel?

RE: Crunched table because of webpanels loading



Could renderMode be the issue?

"The default renderMode should be "all", which means all panes should be rendered always. It can be overridden by setting "renderMode = selected" or "renderMode = visited" as a config parameter. Do you have any of those set in your viewScreen? If so, just remove it and it should work."


Could renderMode = visited or selected do the trick?

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 18. sep 2019

RE: Crunched table because of webpanels loading

Good call!

In my local, onsite, demoenvironment it was easily fixed by editing the standard "View Ticket 80" screen, and changing the 'panes' element from 'renderMode = all' to 'renderMode = selected'.


The customer, however is using Online, where editing of the standard screen is locked down. Making a copy of "View Ticket 80", and redirecting to it is a really cumbersome way to fix it :(

Can hook-scripts be used to manipulate simple-values for a standard screen...?

Shouldn't the standardscreen use this renderMode always anyway, so that the webpanels behave just like webpanels in CRM?

Av: Frode Lillerud 18. sep 2019