CS creates duplicated tickets every minute

Hey guys

A customer of mine experiences occasionally an error, where CS loops over the same incoming email and creates a new ticket every minute based in the same email.

To stop this flow, it must be cancelled under Settings/E-mail/Inbox for e-mail.
Does anybody have any idea, what could cause the loop?

Also, why are failed messages in the outbox not cleared out, when trying to send or delete?

RE: CS creates duplicated tickets every minute

E-mail filter? 

or anything in the System Scripts that fails?

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 28. jan 2016

RE: CS creates duplicated tickets every minute

Instead of clearing out the E-mail->Inbox for e-mail, it would be interesting to see what the failing mail is reporting as an error message.

If possible get a hold of the CS log, it should most likely give us a clue here.

As for why the mails are stuck it even when trying to clear/delete them, that's also hard to say without looking at the log. Why are they failing in the first place though?

Av: Hans Wilhelmsen 28. jan 2016

RE: CS creates duplicated tickets every minute

Hi Kim,


My experience is that this is (as Simon says) often caused by an Email filter.

This mainly happens when the first message that original created the ticket, is sent out and replied to by the customer.

Since the same content (and regexp trigger) is still in the mail, it tries to process data into field where is doesn't fit.

Eventually causing the loop.


Terrible problem. Have seen tickets with 10000+ messages...



Av: Niels van Broekhoven 28. jan 2016

RE: CS creates duplicated tickets every minute

Thanks for the replies guys.
 I went through the emailfilter and couldn't find anything suspicious. Decided to create a new emailfilter based on the existing one and it worked again.

The customer ran out of space on their storage, which caused the error messages.

Av: Kim Long Nguyen 15. feb 2016

RE: CS creates duplicated tickets every minute

i have the same issue with one ticket.

How to solve this??

Av: Gabriel Wiig 3. okt 2017

RE: CS creates duplicated tickets every minute


First, you should try to contact support, they might be able to help you out.

But I can try to help you find the fault.

What SuperOffice version is it? 7.x/8.x?

What protocol is the mailbox using? POP/POPS/IMAP/IMAPS?

In SuperOffice, check Settings -> E-mail and see the "Inbox" pane to see if the imported e-mail is there. If it is, check it and remove it.


The problem might come from an incorrect import of emails from the mailserver.

Try logging on to the exchange server and check the mailbox and see if the imported e-mails are still there. It seems that it's not able to correctly import one or more e-mails. There might be something corrupt with the e-mail, or it might time out due to it taking too long to load (often problems with version 7.5 of SuperOffice and using IMAPS).


If it's still an issue, check if there are any active e-mail filters that may cause this.


If you still have no solution, contact support.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 3. okt 2017

RE: CS creates duplicated tickets every minute


the version is 8.0 sr6

the mailboxes set up is using IMAPS, and it's Office365

I found the mail running in loop under e-mail - inbox, and was able to delete it from there, which solved the problem.

the mail was not in the office365 mailbox.

It was only a test email sent to CS. As long as i was able to remove it from the Inobx and it solved the problem, im happy


Thanks a lot!

Av: Gabriel Wiig 4. okt 2017