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I would like some information about the current state for customizations of Customer Center in SO 8.0 SR4/5 Onsite.

Customer Center pages were former edited in the html files in the cs sub-folder. They are still there but seem deprecated.

When doing some quick tests, only changes in the files viewed in web admin seem to give any actual effect. From my research, it seems that changes made to these "files" are saved as an edited version in the database. I haven't researched where the originals are stored yet, but maybe as attachments or something?

Are the onsite html files used in any way at all any longer or is it the web admin files that are the ones that should be edited from now on?

Is it possible to still add stuff in the html-folder and use that in any way? I'm thinking css-files, etc.

I would love some more insight in this architectural change that I yet haven't found any documentation on.


RE: Customer Center Customizations

Hi Marcus,

The HTML files are still used and are not deprecated.

I can give you a short explanation of how it works:

The HTML files will be used as long as you haven't edited the Customer Center Pages inside Service. So you can keep using these if you want. I prefer using these as I have more control over the css/js/img files.

When you edit the Customer Center Pages there will be created a Reply Template with the changes you've created. These Reply Templates will be referred to in the registry table with reg_id from 10000 and up. They will point to a reply template id which you can browse by replacing the id with the one in the database.

Whenever you click "Restore default", the reply template in the db will be deleted and the files on the server will be used again.


Hope this gave you some insight of how the Customer Center Pages work :)

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 26. maj 2017

RE: Customer Center Customizations

Hi Simen,

Thanks for the quick response! That clarified the main question!

Do you also know where web admin get its default files from? Are those saved as attachments or something?

Av: Marcus Svenningsson 26. maj 2017

RE: Customer Center Customizations

Default files? You mean those which lies on the file server inside the templates folder? 

There aren't any other files besides those on the file server and the reply templates.

When nothing has been edited in the Customer Center Pages inside the Service Admin interface, it will use the HTML files on the file server (which are the default ones).

I apologize if I misunderstand your question.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 26. maj 2017

RE: Customer Center Customizations

Hi Simen,

I meant, when you open a file in web admin for edit the first time, web admin must read that default file from somewhere. Does it read that initial version from the html-folder then or are those default versions also saved as reply templates?

For example:
1. Nothing have been edited in web admin.
2. I edit welcome.html for the default language.
3. I edit welcome.html for the default language in web admin.

Will web admin use the edited welcome.html from the html-folder as the initial version to edit in web admin? And if so, will the default file always be based on the file for the respective language in the html-folder?

What about multi language support. I suppose that it then would be possible to edit the "customer languages"-settings in web admin, but still use the onsite html-files for customizing the different language-pages as before (using subfolders as "en", "se", etc)?

Is the web admin html-file override restricted per language or does a customization for one language affect all languages, so that all languages then need to use the web admin-versions? I'm speaking theoretically of course, as I can't see any reason to mix method between languages, as that probably will lead to quite some confusion. :)


Av: Marcus Svenningsson 26. maj 2017