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Customising the Company and Contact screens in CS


I have two questions about customing the Company and Contact screens in CS.

The first is that you can create copys of the View Company and Contact screens in CS, but I don't understand what these alternative screens would be used for, as there seems to be very little coding on these screens.  Ideally we would want to be able to direct users to different screens depending on their login, and then hide various custom fields based on the screen that is loaded, but I cannot see how I would do this, with these screens.

The second is that we would also like to hide these fields for certain users on the Company and Contact Edit screens.  But you do not seem to be able copy these to make your own versions of the screen.  Is this something that is in the pipeline to be introduced in Customer Service.

Many thanks,


RE: Customising the Company and Contact screens in CS

Hi Trevor,

I agree that there is not a lot of logic in the View person/company screens. Still, we have seen that different department perhaps would like different screens, to show different information and offer different menu options. For instance, in SuperOffice, a local support request is shown differently than a request to our finance dept. 

The Edit person/company screens are "hardcoded", and not shipped as custom screens, as you point out. If you want your own custom screens, adapted to various user groups, you will unfortunately have to create them your self. If you do so, it is possible to perhaps get away with one single screen, as you can use CRMScript to dynamically add fields/input components, based on some criteria.


Av: Sverre Hjelm 25. nov 2019

RE: Customising the Company and Contact screens in CS

Hi Sverre,

Thanks for your reply.  I guessed that may be the case, but thought it worth asking.

Thanks again,


Av: Trevor Sharp 25. nov 2019