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I have crated a tabel in customer service. In one og the fields i have a field that is a dynamic link to a website.
I have also i field with an ID that lets me know witch part of the wesite i whant the dynamic link to show me. But i dont get the template variabel to work.

Url to site is somthing like this: https://company.com/csm/device/summary/4334694
The number 4334694 is the device ID 

The Dynamic link i crated is: https://company.com/csm/device/summary/[[y_enhet.x_pandaid]] but when i go to this link nothing shows after https://company.com/csm/device/summary/
Is the variabel i use incorrect or isn't this possible to do?



RE: Dynamic link

I tested this out now.

The bad news:
This seems to be a bug. The parser variable is actually double prefixed with the table name

The good news:
I have fixed the bug, and it will be available in 8.5 - R02
But there is a workaround. The fields are available using the label of the field, for example: [[y_table.A label]]

Av: Stian Andre Olsen 13. maj 2019

RE: Dynamic link

Do you mean 8.5 R02, Stian?

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 14. maj 2019

RE: Dynamic link

Yes, you are of course right. I have fixed the previous post now.


Av: Stian Andre Olsen 14. maj 2019