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E-mail Filter Script...

1) Get email from mail server
2) Analyze email
3) Run "Mailbox event, executed before message is saved" script
4) Run mailbox filter code (except attached script)
5) Store message to the system
6) Run this script
7) Run mailbox filter attached scripts
8) Send notifications

Can someone explain when number 7 in the above list is executed?
Is it always executed or just when there is emails that matches the criteria set on the e-mail filter.
I don't get it to work, so i'm cunfused to when the script is accutaly ran.


RE: E-mail Filter Script...

The attached script is only executed if the incoming email matches the criterias on that filter, both the "E-mail which contains" regular expressions and "E-mail boxes".

Av: Anders Lien 18. jan 2012

RE: E-mail Filter Script...

Okay, it works now, BUT when they get into the filter and then when the script is run, i set that they should be set as status 4 (Deleted) and same for ticketStatus and be placed in a special category, the e-mails are goon...

They are not to be found anywhere?

I expected them to atlest be in the category i send them too, but no...

Any idees?

Av: Ronny Eriksson 18. jan 2012