Editing Customer Center


We are using SuperOffice Online and whant to edit the customer center site. I know that we can edit the customer.css but since we are on Online we dont have access to this file. Is there a nother for us to edit the customer center?

RE: Editing Customer Center

You can change framework.html to include inline CSS, or point to a custom CSS file of your choosing. Unfortunately, you cannot modify our default customer.css.


Av: Sverre Hjelm 18. feb 2019

RE: Editing Customer Center

Hi Trond,

often what I do is download the copy of customer.js file, make any changes that I want and upload it to External Documents in Service. In that way I can link to a css file in the customer center instead of having inline CSS.

That being said, whenever you do a change to a file in the External Documents, you will have to re-upload it and change the pointer in the framework.html, as the file url has changed.

A good way to prevent having to re-upload too many times is to have the css inline while you're building the site, and move it to a css file when you're done.

Good luck :)

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 19. feb 2019