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Escalating request event

Hi All,

I have written some CRM scripts to send email to directors when requests are create/closed, etc. but the customer wants the directors to get an email when a request is escalted.

I know there is built in functionality to do this, however you cannot add to the email template (from what I can see), the notes relating to request time entries.  That is why on the other events I have written a CRM script to do this, to find the notes text and add it to the email.

But I cannot find an event in CRM script for a ticket escallation.

Does anyone know of a way to acheive what the customer requires, getting an email with the request time entry notes, if the request is escalated.

Many thanks,


RE: Escalating request event


It is possible to execute a script on a escalation level, could this not solve your use case?

Av: Michel Krohn-Dale 11. mar 2021

RE: Escalating request event

Hi Michel,

Of course, you are right, if forgot that you could run a script from here.

Thank you for your help on this,


Av: Trevor Sharp 11. mar 2021