Mailing created with SpmShipment not send


We automatically want to send a e-mail based on a trigger, we want to use a marketing email for this so that we can track the links in the email and add actions on it.

Creating a shipment based on an message template works fine, but it does not send.

Sample code:

SpmShipment messageShipment;

// set in the past to immediately start sending


The shipment is generated but with status 'under construction', and is never send, the save documentation says the following:

"This method will save the SpmShipment object. Warning: this will activate the shipment and it will be executed at the indicated start date."

If I manualy open the shipment and click through it sends correctly, so the settings are correct.

RE: Mailing created with SpmShipment not send

I'm also interested in an answer here as I have a customer that would like to automate the send out of certain alerts emails and I  have been looking into doing the automation using these classes as well. They are now running SO 9.2 R09 onsite, so would be interesting to know if there is some unknown bug or anything else that needs to be considerated when using this method.

Av: Marcus Svenningsson 2. jul 2021

RE: Mailing created with SpmShipment not send

+1 , I love the possibilities that this method could offer. Looking forward to hopefully some positive insights :)

Av: Bas Kreijveld 2. jul 2021

RE: Mailing created with SpmShipment not send

I never managed to send my emails with CRMscript through the marketing client. I created a serial of email that was sent out by the Service client with soem dates interval. The customer used it for a while but since they could not get the benifits from the marketing solution (see who opened the mail etc) they were not satisfied. So I therefore recommenden them to use eMarketeer instead since that tool have a much more powerful concept wehn it comes to working with automations. And now the customer do just that and they are very happy with that tool.

Av: Gustaf Cullin 2. jul 2021

RE: Mailing created with SpmShipment not send

Hello Gustaf.

Thanks for your response, shame to hear that you didn't get this working! Like Marcus and Bas said, if these CRMScript classes would work if would open up a lot of Marketing Automation possibility's.

Could R&D comment on if this is something that is going to be solved in the near future?

Av: David Hollegien 6. jul 2021

RE: Mailing created with SpmShipment not send

Hi David and Gustaf.


I posted an update to Gustaf's post, but it does not solve the issue with sending. I'll let you know when I hear something more on this.


Av: Bergfrid Skaara Dias 6. jul 2021

RE: Mailing created with SpmShipment not send


The SDK-group have reported this as a bug:


Av: Marcus Svenningsson 7. jul 2021