Missing Customer Service triggers


I'm trying to hide the New Customer menu item in CS, and I would normally create a Main Menu trigger.  I have this trigger on my system, see below.

However, this is missing on the customers install of CS.  Does anyone know why this would be missing, and how to add this trigger back in?

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RE: Missing Customer Service triggers

Hi Trevor, if they are using an older version of SuperOffice, then the main menu settings are in a different location. You should be able to find them via the "cogwheel/Settings menu" >> System design >> System scripts.


See also: https://community.superoffice.com/en/developer/forum/rooms/topic/superoffice-product-api-group/customer-service/removing-system-scripts/

Av: Bas Kreijveld 7. jan 2020

RE: Missing Customer Service triggers

Hi Bas,

Thanks for this.  I thought I had checked this, but I must have missed it.

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Av: Trevor Sharp 7. jan 2020