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REST Dynamic Provider - Request Length Limitation


I have serveral Service Tables with many relation columns. I need to provide an export of all of this data and have achieved this using REST and the Dynamic Archive Provider.

My problem, is that the amount of columns I am selecting and the filter I am appying exceeds the maximum request length by at least 3 times.

The result is that I recieve a '404 No Found' error:

The only work around I have found, is to split the request into 3 sererate calls and then join the data in code.

Is there any other work around for this limitation? I.e do you have a POST version where I can specify the select and filter in the body instead perhaps?





RE: REST Dynamic Provider - Request Length Limitation

Use the Agents API instead - this uses POST:


You'll get the full style response, rather than the slimmer ODATA style response.

Av: Christian Mogensen 30. jun 2020

RE: REST Dynamic Provider - Request Length Limitation


Brilliant, I have tested this and it works a treat!

Many thanks,



Av: Rich Hacker 30. jun 2020