Selections in dashboard...?

I had this idea that in SuperOffice 7.5 or 8 you are able to customize the dashboard screen. For example diplaying a selection in one of the 4 squares.

Is this just something I dreamed or is it possible? 

RE: Selections in dashboard...?

Yes you can. You add them under Settings > System design > Webpanels.

Av: Sverre Hjelm 17. aug 2016

RE: Selections in dashboard...?

Thanks, I guess I wasn't dreaming after all..

Av: Peter Borg 25. aug 2016

RE: Selections in dashboard...?

Is it a bug that custom chart-selections does not support drilldowns?
It would be really awesome, if possible, as many customers miss the feature.


Av: Kim Long Nguyen 25. aug 2016

RE: Selections in dashboard...?

Is it possible to show the selection as diagrams ?

Av: Ummair Tahir 28. jun 2017

RE: Selections in dashboard...?


If you're using version 7.5 or above, you can display all selections as diagrams in Service.

In 7.5, you'll need to click one of the options at the top of the selection and choose "View result in chart".

In 8.0+, click the burger menu and select it from there.

Note that you'll need to save the selection and add it in WebPanels for it to be displayed in the Status screen.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 28. jun 2017