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I've been working on an old custom screen in Service that checks systemFlags to decide if 'stuff' is gonna happen or not. 

The code is simple: 

//Read system settings
  FHBitSet systemFlags;
  Bool defaultExternal = systemFlags.getBitNo(1);
  Bool defaultCopyTo = systemFlags.getBitNo(2);

I'm trying to figure out where these flags are set in the client, and i found where External access level is set (System -> Settings): 

If bitNo = 1 is the first checkbox then shouldnt bitNo = 2 be right after? 

I haven't found usefull documentation on this. The 'values' are located in config.flags:
 , and the explanation is this: "A bitmask of flags controlling various options." ..

But that doesnt really explain where these values can be found in the client and how I can edit bitNo(2) to be something else (besides doing it with a CRMScript). It would have been great to have a deeper understanding of this, so I can use the system settings more often. 

Any ideas?


RE: systemFlags in Service

Somewhere in this community, I think Stian gave a reply of the Enum list:




    FlagDropDownLogin                                     = (1<<0),

    FlagDefaultExternalSlevel                            = (1<<1),

    FlagDefaultCcCustomer                                = (1<<2),

    FlagDefaultCloseNewTicket                         = (1<<3),  // deprecated

    FlagDefaultCloseAddMessage                     = (1<<4),  // deprecated

    FlagDefaultDontCheckAddress                   = (1<<5),

    FlagNoNewCustomerMail                            = (1<<6),

    FlagSortMsgDesc                                           = (1<<7),

    FlagNoEjournalEmailAd                                = (1<<8),

    FlagEnableWebServerSecurity                     = (1<<9),

    FlagKeepAttachmentType                            = (1<<10),

    FlagStrongPw                                                  = (1<<11),

    FlagEnableCustomerWebServerSecurity   = (1<<12),

    FlagSendLicenseInfo                                      = (1<<13),

    FlagStrongCustomerPw                                 = (1<<14),

    FlagEnableWebServerSecurityStrong         = (1<<15),

    FlagOnline                                                        = (1<<16),


As far as I know, there are no other documentation

Hope this helps. 

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 14. aug 2019

RE: systemFlags in Service

Thank you, that is basically all i need :)

I'll let the post be open for a while, maybe there is some super-secret-documentation around that someone can share as well!


Av: Eivind Johan Fasting 15. aug 2019