Ticket's priority changes



Can anyone help me untangle the following behaviour?

Ticket is created via webform where a customer can choose the priority. Ticket is saved with priority 9. 

The loading script says 9:

log("Vad får jag för priorty: " + ticket.getValue("priority") + "..på ärende: " + ticketId.toString() );



user opens edit ticket screen, adds an attachment, and priority changes


Why does it happen and is there a way to solve this?


RE: Ticket's priority changes

Hi Emilija,

maybe you could give us the ticket log, and then we can see if the priority changes after being set?

There might be some other scripts also changing the priority.

And you're certain that there aren't any other setValue("priority", "..."); in the button script as well?

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 14. feb 2018

RE: Ticket's priority changes



The log can be downloaded from here


Av: Emilija Vilija Treciokaite 14. feb 2018

RE: Ticket's priority changes

As you can see, it actually sets the "SE - Critical" priority first, then it seems like an event is triggering the change a minute and a half later.

I would check the "System script - On Ticket Save" event, maybe there's something there that "bumps" down the priority.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 14. feb 2018

RE: Ticket's priority changes

Unfortunately the script is emtpy

Av: Emilija Vilija Treciokaite 13. mar 2018

RE: Ticket's priority changes


are there any other triggers (previously known as Event handlers)?


Also, you might have Priority being set by the Customer / Company as well. You should check those.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 13. mar 2018