Use address book in 8.0


We have migrated a 7.5 Service customer to 8.4. In 7.5 they intensively worked with the address book (the one from the knowledge base). But If they want to add a recipient in 8.4 you get both all records from the address book as the person table.

But the main problem, is that you can only search in the current recipient field, but you cannot browse the address book anymore.

Is there any feature to browse the address book when adding a recipient in 8.x?


RE: Use address book in 8.0


Without knowing the details of the changes between 7.5 and 8, I would like to bring to your attention that this address book is very likely to be removed from SuperOffice in the near future.

I don't feel it has a valuable purpose in a CRM perspective. Both when it comes to GDPR or generating acivity history on the recipients.

I think the customer should move away from the address book and use contacts/selections in SuperOffice or move the email adresses to another repository outside SuperOffice..

Av: Erik Eide 4. feb 2019

RE: Use address book in 8.0

Hi Erik,

The address book is a shortlist of recipients, that can easily be selected when adding a recipient to a message. Most of the time this is used for Internal forwarding to non-personal-emailadress, e.g.

It is just a list of addresses with a description.

So these are not the kind of addresses that you would like to add to you person-table, nor would you like to store history on. But you do need them to handle a request.

Av: Niels van Broekhoven 4. feb 2019

RE: Use address book in 8.0

This is one of those features where I feel like there's 1 out of 10 customers that uses it, but those who use it are using it extensively.

I have received feedback from plenty of customers after an upgrade asking me where the address book has gone.

The only way to find them now is either knowing the name of the address book, or browsing through them in the Knowledge Base

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 5. feb 2019