Using %program_blogic% in Entity Element profile?


we have an issue where we want to put up a button in the View Ticket screen, using the new Edit Entity Element profiling.

During testing we see that hardcoding to point to blogic.fcgi causes some issues, since the _sf parameter isn't handled properly. F.instance when the ticket is inside a preview window our button needs to know that, so that it can redirect to back to the same screen with the same _sf= after its done its magic.

We tried to use the %program_blogic% variable in the URL to make the link get dynamically created with the correct _sf=, but seems like the %program_blogic% variable isn't parsed at all.

Shouldn't %program_blogic% have worked here?

RE: Using %program_blogic% in Entity Element profile?

Very interested in this as well.

Custom functionality in regards to tickets are very prevalent, and using standard functionality (EditEntityMenu profiling) instead of completely customizing the ticket screen is important.

If context variables (_sf=X) are available when using standard functionality, we can create seamless integrations without creating Online framework update blocks (because a customized ticket screen eventually becomes a downgraded copy).

Av: Lars Andreas Ness 6. jan 2020

RE: Using %program_blogic% in Entity Element profile?

I came across the same issue again today.

A button that is added using the EditEntityMenu, and then the button is clicked when the "View Ticket" is in preview-mode, then we end up with a menu inside the frame.


Clicking the button gives this, observe new menu inside frame.


Is there a way to get the _sf= argument to get correctly set for URL's in EditEntityMenu's?

Av: Frode Lillerud 21. okt 2020

RE: Using %program_blogic% in Entity Element profile?

Any updates on this issue? Experiencing the same challenge here.

Av: Bas Kreijveld 26. jul 2021