Webhook change state

I have changed state on a webhook form 3 (To many errors) to 1 (Active).

In the article about webhooks Tony writes:

"All active webhook payloads have a total of 9 consecutive attempts before the state is set to TooManyErrors(3). After that, it's up to the receiver to manage the webhook state, i.e. reset the state to Active (1), in order to begin sending webhook payloads again."

The problem is that SuperOffice is not posting any data from the webhook to the reciever. Is there a delay when you change state?

RE: Webhook change state

Hi Henning,

No, the change of state should be immediate. 

You can maybe change the URL to use a service like Ngrok or hookbin to test it out to be sure. 

Best regards!

Av: Tony Yates 15. jun 2021