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Install Web Tools for document integration on Mac OS

Uppdaterad på 2. jun 2022

Installing Web Tools for Mac will enable an integration between Microsoft Office documents and SuperOffice CRM. Install the Mac document integration in a few easy steps with this how-to guide.

Web Tools allows you to open and edit Microsoft Office documents directly in SuperOffice CRM. Learn how by following the guided steps below: 


Check points before installing:

  • You may need administrative rights to SuperOffice CRM, depending on your organisation's security settings, in order to make systems connections.
  • For Office 365 connections, you will need to also check your rights in the Office 365 environment.
  • If you are using a Citrix connection, your IT team will need to make the connections for you.
  • Web Tools consists of two components: Mail Link and Web Extensions.


SuperOffice only provides integration for Microsoft Office document applications, and not for Apple applications Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You need the Office package to have documents integrated.
* Web Tools for Mac only enables a document integration, and not an email integration. If you use a Mac and want to integrate your email, please configure your SuperOffice Inbox.