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Selections as target lists

Uppdaterad på 24. jan 2022

Use selections to create your target lists to make sure you have the correct audience to receive your mailings. Learn how to make a target list with a static or dynamic selection in this how-to guide.

Static selection

A static selection is a list of content that you create manually, by choosing certain criteria or by selecting single records from the database to add.

The distinctive feature of a static selection is that it stays the same until you decide to change it – manually add new records to an existing selection or delete single records, unlike a dynamic selection. A dynamic selection will automatically update when records are added to or removed from your CRM database.

You can use a static selection when you want absolute control of the content, for example, when you create a target list for a mailing. You’ll have full control over the contacts whom you want to send your next marketing mailing to.

Another way to use a static selection is to analyse performance in your organisation – it’s easy to view the results from a specific area and period like last month, last quarter, and so on. By comparing the same static selection from different periods, you can see whether your company performed better or worse.

Dynamic selection

A dynamic selection is like a saved search with a set of criteria. You can update it whenever you want, and it will automatically include list items, like your recipients, that match the criteria you have set.

For example, you can create a dynamic selection of all your customers. Even when you add new customers or lose some old ones, your dynamic selection will tell you exactly who your current customers are.

Use dynamic selections when you need to work with the most up-to-date data when creating a target list for a mailing, for example.

Create a selection

Follow the guided steps below to learn how you can create a static and a dynamic selection:



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