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Recipients: Add your target list

Uppdaterad på 15. nov 2022

Your target list is the group of people you believe will respond best to your message. If you tailor your marketing message specifically to that group, you get a better chance of success, and don’t waste time and effort on people who are not interested. Learn how to add your target list to your mailing in this guide.

SuperOffice CRM offers multiple options of how to create your target list of your mailing’s recipients. You can use selections, projects or add single contacts in SuperOffice CRM. If you like to read more about the different options of adding target lists, please read the section on how to create your target list.

Due to the GDPR legislation, only the contacts that have expressed consent to be legally saved in SuperOffice CRM database and receive information can be added as recipients.

Add recipients to your mailing by selecting recipients from either selection, project, contact or import list. Start typing in the field to search and add recipient with the plus button. You can add your recipients from either selection, project, a single contact or an external list that you need to import