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This group contains forums that pertain to SuperOffice products, their installation, upgrade, maintenance and usability issues.

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34 Customer portal and 2-factor validation
Av: Ole Ejlersen
1 h, 45 m sedan
17 MailLink unable to link to existing tick...
Av: Jani Sirainen
23. mar 2021
29 Logging to file seems broken - 9.2 R7
Av: Tony Yates
58 m sedan
20 Strange behaviour with tracked links in ...
Av: Carlos Cervantes
11. maj 2021
19 PocketCRM and Per-App VPN
Av: Eirik Simonsen
26. mar 2021
18 What does new styling on bug labels mean...
Av: Christian Mogensen
26. mar 2021