CRM Web contact panel



Hvordan aktiverer man meny punktet for "Contact" i CRM Web?

Eller er dette kun tilgjengelig i windows klienten?

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RE: CRM Web contact panel

Hi Erlend,


The Feature itself has to be activated.


The best way is to get in contact with your local Sales to get it activated.






Av: Alexander Wohland 18. jun 2018

RE: CRM Web contact panel


In SuperOffice 8.3 R1 you need to activate the person panel by adding a feature toggle on the web.config file.

From 8.3 R2 (eta 21.06.18) this is no longer needed.


Name of feature Toggle: Personize


Av: Erik Eide 18. jun 2018

RE: CRM Web contact panel

etter litt knoting fant jeg ut at


        <add key="Personize" value="true" />


ganske simpel feil :)

Av: Erlend Øyen 18. jun 2018