Enable Chat in 8.1?

Hi, after upgrading to the newly released 8.1 - what determines if the Chat option is available in the Navigator menu of WebAdmin? I don't have the option.

Is it controlled by the license? Or a setting in web.config?

RE: Enable Chat in 8.1?

It is controlled by the license. 

I am a bit on thin ice here, but I think that if you have a buy license, you need to go to the user in web admin and check "Chat" under the licenses.

If you have a subscription license, it should automatically be assigned.

Av: Stian Andre Olsen 20. okt 2017

RE: Enable Chat in 8.1?

Hi Frode,

This is a mistery. In SuperOffice 8.1 release, Chat should be available in Web Admin for all. (No feature toggle needed)

Please send me an email with:

  • SerialNumber
  • Version number from the about screen
  • A screen shot from web admin: License/SuperOffice tab
Av: Erik Eide 20. okt 2017

RE: Enable Chat in 8.1?


after digging around some more it seems like the underlying is because there is no row in crm7.modulelicense for 'chat'.

This is from my colleagues environment. He had a 8.0 SR5, which was updgraded to 8.0 SR6, and then now to 8.1. The upgrade was done using ServerSetup.exe (not DBSetup.exe).

The Serialnumber is 1010000006, so just a demo database.

The versionnumber is "SuperOffice NetServer 8.1 Release (Build: Release81_C-2017.10.17-03)"

Checking crm7.modulelicense there are no rows where moduleName = '%chat%'

Checking crm7.productversion there are several dictionarysteps where codeName = '%chat%'.

Erik, I've sent you some screenshots with basically the same info as above.

So, the question is, why are the rows missing from crm7.modulelicense?

Av: Frode Lillerud 20. okt 2017

RE: Enable Chat in 8.1?

Stian André, there is no Chat-license on a user. I've checked both in my colleagues database where chat doesn't work, and in my own demoenvironment where chat does work.

Av: Frode Lillerud 20. okt 2017

RE: Enable Chat in 8.1?

in the case of the demo-serialnumber 1010000006:
- the issue is that 1010000006 cannot read new licenses
- it gets its licenses once! and will never be updated

In other words - you cannot upgrade a 1010000006-db from 8.0 to 8.1 - and get Chat

The solution is to install 8.1 fresh (new).

Av: Frode Berntsen 20. okt 2017

RE: Enable Chat in 8.1?

Aha - that is probably it then. We'll scratch that database, and create a new one.

Av: Frode Lillerud 20. okt 2017

RE: Enable Chat in 8.1?

Then i will make a new db and start over. At the moment the chat function is only to chat with myself. So not system critical :)

Thanks for the input on this thread.

Av: Filip Witzell 20. okt 2017

RE: Enable Chat in 8.1?


A demo licence (1010000006) is only given when you create the database and will never get new licences when you upgrade to 8.1

The only way to get Chat on a demo licence is to create a new database on 8.1

All "Real" installations will get updated licenses with Chat included.

Av: Erik Eide 20. okt 2017